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Monday, 25th January 2010

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This lesson now has a much better quality video of Paul Weller singing ‘Wild Wood’: it’s

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Impotence: Nature’s way of saying « No hard feelings »

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Laurel & Hardy live – check it out!

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Meet Larry and Brianna from…?

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The most beautiful artist / song / poem of all time..?!

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‘Phoenix vs. New York’

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‘Poop On Your Books’

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‘Macbeth – ELT Graphic Novel’

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‘My Dear – Come To Me’

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News – Nato cargo via Kazakhstan

NATO, Kazakhstan sign Afghanistan cargo transit deal

16:10 27/01/2010 NATO and Kazakhstan signed on Wednesday a deal which would allow the alliance to transport its Afghanistan-bound military cargo via the territory of the Central Asian state.>>


NASA flying Puffin – Personal aircraft


New Zealander Boeing 777 with lie-down sofa option


F-15 rewire flight courtesy

by Wayne Crenshaw
78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

1/19/2010 – ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. – A new rewire flight at Robins is playing a key role in keeping the aging F-15 Eagle flying for years to come.

The flight will perform a complete rewire on 122 F-15s during the next five years. The rewiring will be done on C and D models, and when complete, the flight will spend at least another five years working on E models.

Keith Gilstrap, the rewire flight chief, said the reason for the rewire is that the insulation on the existing wire is getting brittle and causing shorts. Although it has not caused any crashes, it has led to a significant amount of field repair time and false troubleshooting, as technicians try to figure out why aircraft systems fail intermittently, he said.