Jim Zwayer and Bill Weaver took off that day – January 25th, 1966 !

USAF SR-71 strategic reconnaissance aircraft

SR71 Blackbird – USAF photo by Tech SGT Michael Haggerty – Source: www.af.mil

This unbelievable test flight happened in 1966, and remained top secret for decades given the constraints of the Cold war at that time. You can read this breath-taking story in browsing into Google. Type – SR-71 Blackbird breakup at Mach 3.18 – (or click on this link, then on the first webpage of the Google list proposed). Plant yourself firmly in an armchair, then you can start to read the most amazing aeronautical report I have ever read!


How a jet engine works



Bernoulli's principle and Venturi tubeBernoulli’s principle  states that when  a fluid flowing through a tube reaches a constriction or narrowing  of the  tube  the speed  of  the  fluid  passing through the constriction is increased and its pressure is decreased.

Source: http://www.tpub.com