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Nouvelle édition 2010

substantiellement augmentéePlus de 60 000 mots et expressions (traduits et expliqués) ; plus de 1 500 abréviations.

Thématique : Tous les domaines de l’aéronautique traités en 15 chapitres distincts :

– Recherche simplifiée de termes appartenant à un domaine précis.

– Possibilité d’utiliser le dictionnaire comme un livre de vocabulaire spécialisé.

Illustré : 66 planches d’illustrations clairement légendées.

– Pourvu d’un index complet, anglais et français, pour recherche rapide de tous les sens possibles d’un terme.

– Réalisé sous l’égide d’éminents spécialistes, dont :

– Pilotes de chasse et de ligne français, anglais et américains.

– As de voltige aérienne.

– Leader de la prestigieuse Patrouille de France.

– Ingénieurs spécialistes des divers domaines de l’aéronautique.

L’auteur Pierre BOI, a reçu la médaille de bronze de l’ANAE en 1998 pour la première édition de ce dictionnaire aéronautique.

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Brand new Fulcrum-Ds on Indian CV

Russian MiG-29K fighters enter service with Indian Navy

15:56 24/02/2010 The Indian Navy has formally taken delivery of Russian-made MiG-29K (Fulcrum) fighters, which will eventually be deployed on an aircraft carrier being refitted in Russia


French fighter aircraft performance, F-22, JSF F-35, Typhoon, etc.

F-22 Raptor 5th-generation fighter aircraft - Sonic boom
F-22 Raptor – Sonic boom (U.S. Navy photo by Sonar Technician (Surface) 1st Class Ronald Dejarnett)

As I have been told that this post about Rafales vs Eurofighter Typhoons, F-16s, and F-22s left some in disbelief, I believe it is fair to point out that some elements were written in bold typing as « rumours », and the publications quoted were not « filed » as rumours though it might have been some rumours as well – who knows, indeed?

For instance, many times gossip spread about Mirage 2000s that would never shoot F-16s down. Never ever? Watch below…

Many (on a global basis – which means not everybody) people still believe that no Rafale could outperform any F-16. Let us watch hereafter (in French, sorry).

For those who cannot speak French, it is mentioned in this video that the Rafales defeated the F-16s in a US AFB, and the score would have been 6 – 2.

Well, let us go back to the previous Rafales’ performance post for I have not added further information I had read before from a remarkable Swiss aviation specialist’s website: AVIA NEWS. Pascal – AVIA NEWS webmaster – let me quote his analysis according to which the Rafale obtained the best score (95%) among the fighter aircraft evaluated for choosing which will replace the Swiss Air Force’s F-5 Tiger. The other two competitors were the SAAB JAS-39 Gripen, and the Eurofighter / Typhoon. I am going to update my previous article about this figure.

Last but not least: The Dutch did compare various fighter aircraft in 2002. Who remembers? The RNLAF – the Royal Netherlands Air Force – carried out this study and the balance sheet came out in the Dutch press:

Here is the rating reported:

F-35 = 6.97

RAFALE = 6.95

Eurofighter = 5.83

F-16 Block 60 = 5.80

Well, we must admit that the JSF / F-35 Lightning II is the best fighter among those that were assessed. However it was a close shave, wasn’t it?

Some might say « it was just an illusion ». Well, why not? Illusion would be everywhere – as for instance:

  • Do you really think that a serious R&D organisation is used to issuing so-called inaccurate reports?
  • Do you really think that a DGA/CHEAr research director would recognize that the Rafale can be on a par with the JSF / F-35 Lightning II? This is what happened during a symposium (colloque) in January 2006.

As a conclusion, many people still believe that F-16s can outperform Rafales, MiG-29s, Eurofighters, and even Su-27s. This is not an illusion.

Photo: courtesy