Chinese J-20 Black Eagle superior to US F-35 stealth fighter? New VIDEO

The Chinese J-20 « Black Eagle » 5th generation fighter could be superior to the F-35 Lightning II, and even on a par with the F-22 Raptor with its range, radar-evading stealth capability, as well as with its firepower. – Video:

Russia – Strategic bombers top billing

RIA Novosti
Strategic bombers are crucial for national security

14:54 24/12/2009 On December 23, Russia marked the Strategic Aviation Day, which was established to commemorate the creation of the world’s first squadron of heavy bombers in 1914. Since then strategic aviation has become an element of the strategic nuclear triad ensuring Russia’s security.>>

Mach 6 long-range air vehicle

Nightmare scenario

Staggering B-2 crash due to moisture