US military aircraft supposedly made up of Chinese knockoff!

Rio-Paris AF 447 crash – Incomplete investigation report

Regarding the 2009 Air France Rio-Paris crash, and according to the BEA investigation, it seemed to show a lack of training. But it now seems to be more complicated- it turns up that the elements of the report on the investigation were actually incomplete. This scoop – according to this France24 video – comes from the French paper La Tribune. Several elements would have been taken out of this report, and more importantly an element about a malfunctioning stall alarm:

On what may have caused AF flight 447 crash

As the Flight Data Recorder (FDR); the CSMU (Crash Survival Memory Cockpit); and the CVR – Cockpit Voice Recorder – have been recovered from the shell of the Air France Airbus A330-203 registered F-GZCP, we may learn more about the crash that happened to the flight AF 447 in the Atlantic Ocean between Rio de Janeiro Galeão and Paris Charles de Gaulle on May 31, 2009.

According to the French BEA – air accident investigations bureau – report, the aircraft was plunging at a speed of 10,912 feet per minute; a ground speed of 107 knots; with a pitch attitude of 16.2° nose-up; a roll angle of 5.3° left; and a magnetic heading of 270° when the recordings stopped.

It has been deemed by aviation pundits that the pitot tubes might have failed due to icing at FL 380. However, no piece of evidence but the weird speed indications has demonstrated that these probes were actually icing. Moreover, there is no pitot tube mentioned in this report. This tragic accident killed all the people – cabin crew members; passengers; and pilots – on board. There were 228 of them. May they rest in peace.

2nd fuselage with a hole – Southwest Airlines aircraft grounded

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-3H4 had been forced to make an emergency landing less than two years ago. Another B-737-3H4 has just had a 6′ hole in its fuselage during a flight causing sudden decompression, and emergency landing.

The NTSB is leading an investigation into exactly what happened to this Southwest Airlines flight – a 737 which had a hole come open during a flight from Phoenix to Sacramento at FL 360 (altitude: 36,000 feet that is to say almost 11 kilometers high). It was a harrowing experience for the passengers and the crew members. Watch the video: