Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes – Lignes Directrices sur les Programmes de Formation en Anglais Aéronautique

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Cours d’anglais aéronautique sur FCL ANGLAIS

En français – concernant l’anglais aéronautique:

On peut trouver à peu près tout sur l’anglais aéronautique et la radiotéléphonie dans le DOC 9835 de l’OACI. Sauf la phraséologie. En fait, mieux vaut lire les DOC 9432 and 4444 à la place. Un autre document vaut la peine d’être lu: les recommandations du Cir 323 – AN/185 de l’OACI. C’est l’ICAEA qui a développé ces directives. Elles nous permettent de comprendre à quel point la formation en anglais aéronautique OACI est différente des formations TEFL ou TESOL (enseignement de l’anglais comme seconde langue). Voici le document: ICAO Cir 323 – AN/185 et davantage sur cette page: DOC 9835 en plusieurs langues.

In English – about aviation English:

You can find basically everything about aviation English and radiotelephony throughout the ICAO DOC 9835. But phraseology. Indeed, you’d better read DOC 9432 and 4444 instead. Another document is worth reading: the guidelines of ICAO Cir 323 – AN/185. ICAEA developed these guidelines. They help us understand how different ICAO English training can be from TEFL or TESOL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Here is the document: ICAO Cir 323 – AN/185 and further on this page: DOC 9835 in various languages.

ICAEA anglais aéronautique

Effective TECHNICAL ENGLISH websites

Aviation English training Software Bewise2I must have been pretty busy last months for I’ve just realized that I haven’t added the Philip SHAWCROSS’s sites so far !!! This must be corrected right now: Mister SHAWCROSS is the author and founder of « English for aircraft ».

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His two books make up undoubtedly the cleverest way of teaching technical English, especially for ESOL students. His renowned software « Docwise » is a must for the engineers and mechanics desiring to be trained as far as technical English and aeronautics are concerned. Click on the logo on your left handside to visit « Bwise2 », his website dedicated to aviation English language training for mechanics and pilots. Bwise2 can provide everything you need to learn technical English within the scope of aeronautics.

Bwise2 is not his only asset. Philip SHAWCROSS is the president of the International Civil Aviation English Association – ICAEA – a non profit-making association created under the 1901 French law.

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ICAEA’s aims:

To bring together people and organizations concerned by or interested in the use of English in the aviation and aeronautical world.

To promote the exchange of information as regards English, English training, standards, qualifications, translation, documents etc, between people working within aviation in different countries.

To centralise information useful to the Airlines, Authorities, Air Traffic Services, manufacturers, pilots, engineers, universities, research institutes, training centers and teachers.

To enhance the circulation of this information through a web site, a list serve, seminars and the publication of their proceedings.

Finally, to generate concern about the quality of English in the aviation world. Please click on the logo hereafter to visit the ICAEA website:

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