French Navy’s RAFALE multirole fighter aircraft – Catapult launch video

Rafale Marine
envoyé par Marine-Nationale. – Futurs lauréats du Sundance.

Special thanks to Pierre BOI who kindly provided the link to this video.

Dictionnaire aéronautique de Pierre Boi
Dico aéro de Pierre Boi



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Monday, 25th January 2010

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Monday, 11th January, 2010

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ANGLAIS POUR VOLER – new edition

For those who prepare the FCL 1.028, and/or ICAO-level exams or simply for those who want to make headway, this address will provide everything you wanted to know about aeronautics, phraseology, engineering, either in English or French.

L’ ANGLAIS POUR VOLER is not only a website but a book, and a CD. Its author is Dominique Défossez. She is an MA graduate in English, a chief engineer in air navigation, an experienced air traffic controller, a pilot, a teacher, not to mention an author for « L’anglais pour voler » and « Info-pilote ».

You can get access to the ELIOT’s page. Eliot is a virtual private pilot who likes to fly abroad. He keeps a journal where he makes note of his different flying experiences. An MP3 list is updated and remains available for listening and free downloading on the website.

I bought the book and the CD a month ago. I have already had some books, glossaries, and dictionaries about aeronautics. All these resources are either similar or different. When you read Dominique Defossez’s work, you do feel that she wants to help pilots, controllers, engineers, and mechanics. And it works! It works for the words have been cleverly selected, and well sorted Couverture du Livre L'Anglais Pour Voler de Dominique Défossezout. You can feel through these documents that this work is the result of down-to-earth experience.

The lexical filing has been made both thematic and alphabetical. Moreover, there’s an extra section for abbreviations, plus audio/phonetic references, and a browser at your disposal in the compact disc. Here lies the main asset according to me for most dictionaries of this kind never offered audio support before.

L’anglais pour voler undoubtedly is a very effective tool for the air traffic controllers, the pilots, mechanics, and all those who are fond of aircraft. This remarkable work represents a major teaching/learning asset in the aviation world. Click on the picture hereafter to learn more about Dominique Défossez’s products: